Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rocking Mama Challenge

I have chosen to join the "Rocking Mama Challenge."  I have been following A Bushel and a Peck for a few months now.  She has giving me strength, encouragement and resources that I had not realized I so desperately needed.  We took her suggestion on taking sabbaticals.  That has sent us out in one way and brought us home in another.  I love her 50 points of Joy- but I have yet to sit down and write 5.  When I read her post on the Rocking Mama Challenge I knew it was time to start listening to the little whispers that I keep ignoring. ( I believe the Holy Spirit whispers to me- and often times I am not listening.)
   I actually wept when I read what the challenge was.  I wept because I felt so strongly that this is something I really do not want to do.  The day is spent disciplining "A" and when it's quiet, the last thing I want to do is sit and rock with him.   He has taken up so much of my time already.  Time away from my 4 others.  Time away from my husband.  Forget about a sabbatical- I'm too tired to do anything!
   But what if... What if I take just 15 minutes a day for 28 days. What if it helps him to attach?  What if it helps me to attach?  What if he calms down?  Then I would calm down. The entire family might calm down.  Perhaps the earth would rotate just a bit slower...
 Not much to lose, but so much to gain.
It's worth a try.

Happy Birthday!

I cannot go any further without a Happy Birthday to my special guy. !!  Happy Birthday, Jace!  15!   My absolute best all time favorite Christmas gift ever!  Born on Christmas morning!  Named after our Lord and Savior.  My little JaCe.  You are a special gift!