Thursday, January 2, 2014

Joining In!

Two things which I too enjoy- knitting and reading!  So I'm linking up Ginny at Small Things for my very first Yarn Along!
I finished this newborn sweater in a wonderful organic cotton.  What a wonderful knit.  The chunkier yarn worked beautifully to create a cozy little gift.
It was nice to relax and knit while I finished these two very intense reads. Mommy' I'm Still in Here is a mother's journey with her daughter's Bi-Polor Disorder.   She writes like your sitting down with her over a cup of coffee.   It was so insightful.  Then, on to Brain on Fire.  Intriguing to think about the doctors being so quick to make a diagnosis to find it something else entirely.  
I think I'll start the Tomi dePaola series now!   

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