Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to do it and do it well!

I finally made my decision.  I'm going to try this blog thing.  I sat for over an hour reading blogs about how women mother, decorate, cook, keep house, organize, garden, shop, argue politics, and even wipe butts!  
    It's true! A mom wrote about wiping her toddlers butt.  
And I realized- I could do all these things just as well as these woman can.  
     I just need to stop reading about it and start doing!
So you'll find a little bit of everything here.  I don't have one thing I love to do because I really like to do a lot of things.  I love to do whatever I do really well.  
     That's the way I live - do what you need to or want to do but do it really well.  
Shall we start with how I wipe butts?  I just do what needs to be done.  Before my little ones get off the pot I give each coolie cheek a little spank and say "Oooof Aaaa!  You stink!"  (If I don't say it they WILL remind me!)  I've done this for all 5- 3 down 2 to go.  
I do this really well.
(I'm glad I got the butt wiping post out of the way.)

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