Thursday, October 7, 2010


I love color.  I love dishes.  I love Fiesta!
The most popular American dinnerware ever, designed by the Englishman, Frederick Hurten Rhead, was introduced to the American public in 1936 by the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company.  
Fiesta  was originally introduced in just 5 colors, Red (it may look orange, but everyone seems to have agreed to keep with its original name of "red"), Blue (cobalt now), Green (light or original green), Yellow and Old Ivory (simply ivory now), with Turquoise not hitting the shelves until 1937.
My very first piece was the pink platter on the second shelf.  My mom picked it up for me at Marshall's.  She just thought it was cute.  My second piece was the yellow compote with the fruit in it.  I found that at a historic house estate sale.  The other 80+ pieces were given to me when I finally got the nerve to call my husband's Aunt Evelyn and ask, "If you ever want to get rid of all those boxes of Fiesta ware that you have down in your basement, would you let me know?"  To which she replied " That?  I was going to put it in a yard sale last week, but darn it, I forgot to bring it over.  Please, come get it!"  
  The collection was used for years as the camp dishes. 
 Later, she called me to let me know she found the matching tablecloth!
      I mix it up with a few vintage Bauer pieces and a few brand new pieces in lemongrass that my husband gave me one Christmas.  So colorful!
     I love my vintage fiesta!  We use it whenever we have a Spanish or Mexican dinner.  It's so much fun.
     Fiesta makes me smile!

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