Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trays! Glorious trays!

I love trays!  For years I had a major collection of old silver trays that just seemed to be sitting around collecting dust.  Once I took a few out and started putting little things on top, I discovered a whole new way to organize- and decorate at the same time!   
I love them in my kitchen.

This one isn't really a tray.  It's a marble slab.  I keep it next to my sink.  It holds my soaps and lotions and my flying pig is there to keep jewelry.  The honey and the coffee press? I can't figure out how they fit into the "next to the sink" category, but I know this is a place where they're safe from little hands!  

It works for me!

This one holds my everyday cooking ingredients like salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, garlic.  It stays right there so everything is always close by.  It's all neat and contained too.  
 Love it!
 Here I have a gallery tray that holds breakfast items- the toaster, butter, and tea.  You know all those little crumbs that spit out from beneath the toaster?  Ahh, there ya go- right into the pretty tray! 
 How cute!
Nice and neat and organized!  And ready for fall, I might add.

So go find some trays and use them.  They're great!

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  1. GET OUT! I have a marble slab too! Yours is gorgeous!
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